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Sanjib Sahoo
Sanjib Sahoo.JPG
Occupation CTO
Employer [[tradeMONSTER, OptionMONSTER Holdings Inc.]]
Location Chicago
Twitter @SahooSanj
[[Category:tradeMONSTER, OptionMONSTER Holdings Inc. - Current Employees]]

[[Category:tradeMONSTER, OptionMONSTER Holdings Inc.]]

Sanjib Sahoo directs all aspects of information technology for tradeMONSTER, an online brokerage company that specializes in options trading for the self-directed investor. He has been with tradeMONSTER since it was founded in 2008, and was the architect of its award winning brokerage technology platform.[1] During his tenure at tradeMONSTER, he led the entire technology brokerage platform which is now rated as one of the top 2 trading companies in North America and also the top options trading platform nationally by Barron’s.[2]

As CTO and CIO, Sahoo oversees software development, quality assurance, production support and hardware, and network infrastructure. He is also a member of the senior executive team. In June 2013, tradeMONSTER launched the first HTML5-based iPad app in the online brokerage industry, offering a full range of trading tools.[3] Sahoo’s hybrid approach of designing a HTML5-based app contained in a iOS wrapper enabled the creation of an app more powerful than the standard iOS framework allows.[4] As a leader, he strongly focuses on aligning the IT initiatives with the company’s strategic goals while working within budgetary and time constraints.[5]

Sahoo received the prestigious 2013 CIO of the Year award presented by the Executives' Club of Chicago, AITP and SIM.[6] ITA Citylights nominated Sahoo as a finalist for 2013 Technologist of the Year and his technology team received the 2013 Outstanding Technology Development Award.[7][8] In 2012, Sahoo was recognized as one of the most innovative CIOs in the CIO Magazine for innovation and collaboration in technology.[9]

Sahoo has spoken at several events and IT conferences focusing on tradeMONSTER’s innovation in technology and how his leadership at tradeMONSTER has built a successful IT team. Sahoo has been a panelist or speaker for various Camp IT conferences, Technology Executive Club, Technology Executive Network, CITE, IT Roadmap, and CIO Perspectives.[10] Sahoo has also contributed pieces to the Harvard Business Review, Network World, Wired, and NBC Chicago.[11][12] [13][14]


Sahoo has been engaged with technology for the financial services business for over 14 years and has a wide range of expertise in technology management, architecture, open source platforms and design, project management, and building real time trading systems. Previously, Sahoo has architected and built trading/financial platforms for XpressTrade (now OptionsXpress), Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Desjardins Bank and several other organizations.


Institute of Management & Technology, Ghaziabad

Kalikata Viswavidyalaya


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