Alice Corporation

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Alice Corporation
Alice Corporation Logo.gif
Headquarters Melbourne
Key People Ian Shepherd, Founder

Alice Corporation is a company that promotes Alice Markets, a form of derivatives market. It has obtained patents on all its innovations worldwide, including in the United States.


Alice Corporation was founded by Ian Shepherd in the early 1990s. It is partly owned by National Australia Bank.[1]

Alice began offering its intellectual property for licensing in 2000. It reached out to offer CLS Bank International (CLS) a license in 2002, but both sides were unable to reach an agreement. In 2007, CLS filed a declaratory judgement against Alice.[2]

Products and Services

Alice has patents on electronic methods, systems and computer program products. The patents have priority dates between 1992 and 1995.[3]

The company also offers Alice Contracts, a type of derivatives contract, on its Alice Market.[4]

Key People

  • Ian Shepherd, Founder and Managing Director


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