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Alun Green
Occupation General Manager
Employer FIS
Location London

Alun Green is the general manager of Fidelity National Information Services (FIS)'s derivatives utility business.[1] He was previously the general manager of FIS's Stream GMI business.[2] He also serves as head of strategy for post-trade derivatives and securities. He previously held the same role in SunGard before its acquisition by FIS in late 2015.[3]


Before working in the derivatives utility, Green was a member of the Cliq team and was previously the general manager of the Stream GMI business at SunGard. He has 15 years of experience with derivatives. Before joining SunGard in 2007, Green was the head of IT business at Calyon Financial, involved in IT strategic planning and implementation for operations, finance, compliance and risk management for a variety of exchange-traded and OTC products. He also led the system migration and integration when Credit Agricole and Credit Lyonnais merged to form Calyon.


Green graduated from the University of Oxford in 1988 and received a graduate degree in Mathematics from Queen Mary, University of London in 1992.

MarketsWiki Education Video, October 2015

Alun Green, SunGard – The Technology Roadmap, 2015 Edition

“We as human beings have not evolved to be very good at reading and writing.”

Alun Green asks, “is the written word dying?” Perhaps dying is too strong a word, but Green makes an excellent point in that humans have walked the planet for millions of years, and only began using the written word within the past few hundred years – much too short a time span to have “evolved” to cope with the written word. Meanwhile, as technology continues to disrupt any and all human processes, our species may well revert back to the forms of oral and visual communication to which we are better suited.

As a career technologist facilitating the automation of manual processes, Green asks what human beings will do when the computers and robots take over. His answer? Machine learning is not the same as artificial intelligence, and we sentient beings will be needed for decision making and communication, but not necessarily the written kind.

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Green participated in the MarketsWiki Questions: Exploring Financial Technology interactive video series. See his responses to the following questions:

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