Andy Milnes

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Andy Milnes
Occupation Head of Supply and Trading
Employer BP Americas
Location Chicago, IL

Andy Milnes is head of supply and trading for BP Americas. In this position, he is responsible for BP's oil trading and supply activity in North and South America, as well as crude oil globally.


Milnes has held several different positions with BP over the past 25 years. After graduating, Milnes filled several supply and commercial roles in Scotland and England. In the early 1990s, he joined the Benelux Refining and Supply group where he worked in several commercial refining and trading roles. In 2000, he was sent to Los Angeles to integrate Arco's suppy and trading activity into BP's. Due to his success in this operation, he took on the role of supply general manager for U.S. Refining. Milnes also held the position of VP of International Refining Joint Ventures and Downstream Director for Strategic Projects before landing his current position. [1]

Milnes serves on a variety of boards including BP Americas Incorporated, BP Americas Diversity and Inclusion Council, Futures Industry Association[2], Commodity Markets Council[3], University of Illinois- Technology and Management Program, and Chicago Public Schools- Science Fair Program.[4]


Milnes received a BSc in Manufacturing Systems and a BA in Business from Trent (Nottingham) Polytechnic in 1988.


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