Anthony Di Iorio

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Anthony Di Iorio
Occupation Chief Digital Officer
Employer Toronto Stock Exchange
Location Toronto, Canada

Anthony Di Iorio is a Bitcoin entrepreneur who is chief digital officer at the Toronto Stock Exchange. He was appointed to that newly created role in January of 2016. He is the founder of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada and a co-founder (along with Vitalik Buterin) of Ethereum, a blockchain-based computing platform.[1]

Di Iorio is also the CEO & founder of Decentral Consulting Services, a technology consulting firm that specializes in blockchain and decentralized technologies, which he started in January 2015.

In addition, he is a lecturer at the University of Nicosia, the largest university in Cyprus.


In early 2012, Di Iorio became convinced that Bitcoin would make play an important new role in the financial markets, and invested a large portion of his savings that year in Bitcoin related enterprises.

He went on to launch the second Bitcoin ATM (BTM) in the world, and the first Bitaccess machine, in Toronto. He also began organizing Bitcoin and decentralized technology events. He has organized more than 100 events to date, including many Ethereum conferences and the Bitcoin Expo series in Toronto. Di Iorio and Buterin launched the first in-browser Bitcoin wallet, KryptoKit, in 2013.

He hosts the popular DEC_TECH (Decentralized Technologies) meetings every quarter.[2]



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