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Anthony Saliba
Tony Saliba.png
Occupation CEO
Employer LiquidPoint, LLC
Location Chicago, IL

Tony Saliba is the CEO of LiquidPoint, LLC and executive managing director of BNY ConvergEX Group, LLC.[1] He manages the options trading platforms for both the buy-side and sell-side investment communities.[2]

Additionally, he is the founder of Saliba Portfolio Management, L.L.C., a portfolio management firm, founding member of Saliba Partners, L.L.C. an options trading firm on the floor of the CBOE and founder of International Trading Institute, Ltd., an internationally renowned derivatives training institution.[3]

He is a member of the Efficient Capital Management Advisory Board.[4]

He is also chairman of the advisory committee at the Reagan Legacy Foundation, a member of the board of trustees of The Heritage Foundation, and a member of the board of directors of The American Spectator Magazine.[5]


Saliba's trading career began in 1979 at Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), where he traded equity options as an independent market maker.[6] Later he traded most CBOE products, currencies and the S&P 500 contracts on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, along with the agricultural and interest rate products traded on the Chicago Board of Trade. He traded the SPX for four years on the CBOE floor.

Saliba was the only options trader to be profiled in the book, Market Wizards. He served on the CBOE's board of directors from 1987-1989 and has participated on numerous industry committees.[7]

Saliba founded First Traders Analytical Solutions, LLC, a provider of technological solutions for the trading industry, including front and back-end systems for options routing and execution that was established in 1992.[8]


Saliba earned a bachelor of science degree in Accounting from Indiana University in 1977.[9]



Five Minutes with Anthony Saliba


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