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Founded 2008
Headquarters Hamburg, Gemany
Key People Peter Willbrandt, CEO
Employees 6,300
Products Copper producer & recycler
Releases Company News

Aurubis is Europe's largest copper producer and the world's largest copper recycler. As of 2012, the company produced approximately 1 million tonnes of copper cathodes each year.[1]


Aurubis was formed from a merger between Cumerio and Norddeutsche Affinerie in December 2008. The entity was renamed as Aurubis AG, effective April 1, 2009.[2]

In February 2012, executive board member Dr. Stefan Boel voiced his opposition to the sale of the London Metal Exchange (LME).[3]

Products and Services

Aurubis' primary product are copper cathodes which have a copper content of more than 99 percent. Aurubis produces cast wire rods under the following brand names: AURUBIS ROD, AURUBIS FOXROD, and AURUBIS SHAPES. The company also holds a 50-percent stake in the company Schwermetall, which produces pre-rolled strip used in industrial sectors such as construction, automotives, telecommunications and coin production.

In addition to copper, Aurubis recovers lead and other precious metals such as gold, silver and some platinums. The company is known for its recycling of copper, and also produces sulphuric acid, iron silicate stone, and selenium.[4]

Key People


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