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In addition to the RTD Realtime Trading Desktop core package, RTS Realtime Systems Group has a variety of automated trading tools.

The RTD Quote Machine®, RTD Electronic Eye®, RTD Spreader, RTD Basket Trader® and the RTD Sales Trader provide traders with flexibility.

RTD Quote Machine®

The Quote Machine® is designed for market makers active in all asset classes and is compatible with many different quoting styles.

• Simultaneously quote multiple instruments on a variety of markets • Sophisticated options pricing package • Extensive volatility models and skew functionality • Price and trade option combinations, both synthetic and exchange-traded • Supported features include exchange mass quoting function, quote request, integrated trade and position management.

RTD Spreader

The RTD Spreader allows traders to create, manage and execute inter-product, multi-leg and cross-exchange spread trading strategies. Designed for performance sensitive users, this automated order management tool’s logic is server based.

• Multi-exchange spreading • Intelligent multi-leg spreading • Trade-out functionality • Integrated spread book • Reduced legging risk

RTD Electronic Eye®

The RTD Electronic Eye® is designed to be an “eye” on the market to seize trading opportunities more quickly than the human eye.

• Configurable electronic eye functionality for automated trading • Helps capitalize on opportunities in the market before competitors • Options pricing with integrated Volatility Management

RTD Basket Trader®

RTD Basket Trader enables traders to trade instruments from different exchanges/marketplaces as a multi-exchange, multi-currency basket.

• Individual basket settings • Emulate exchange and user defined baskets • Calculate against any reference contract • Price modes: last, best bid/ask, middle, market or individual levels • Features include the Basket Analyzer, the Automatic Basket Hedger and the Rollback function.

RTD Sales Trader

RTD Sales Trader provides brokerage desks with a sophisticated order management solution.

• Extensive care order handling • Suite of broker functionality • Enables realtime communication between sales staff, traders and customers • Allocation and Billing of Care Orders • Care order warehousing

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