Boerse Stuttgart

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Boerse Stuttgart
Founded 1860
Headquarters Stuttgart, Germany

Boerse Stuttgart is the leading exchange for retail investors in Germany. It offers trading in equities, securitized derivatives, investment funds and participation certificates. It is also the leading German floor-trading exchange, with about 35 percent of the order book turnover. It is ranked tenth among European stock exchanges in trading volume.[1]


The boerse was founded in 1861 and is situated in the centre of Stuttgart.

The exchange began its history with the financing of new technologies and products during the industrial revolution in the 19th century.

After 1945, as a regional stock exchange, Boerse Stuttgart contributed greatly to the German economic miracle of the south-west of the country.

Since 2008 Boerse Stuttgart has been increasingly active in other countries as well, for instance on the Scandinavian market.

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