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Brad Levy
Occupation CEO
Employer MarkitSERV
Location New York
LinkedIn Profile

Brad Levy is a managing director and global head of processing at data and valuations firm Markit, and CEO of MarkitSERV, Markit's OTC trade processing subsidiary.[1] He assumed the role in October 2013, when Markit appointed MarkitSERV CEO Jeff Gooch to chief financial officer of Markit.

He also serves on Markit's global management committee.[2]


Levy joined Markit as head of information distribution and strategy in January 2012, after an extensive career with Goldman Sachs, where he served most recently as managing director and global head of principal strategic investments.

He began at Goldman Sachs in 1994, and worked in public finance, municipal bond underwriting, and FICC eCommerce, before becoming a managing director in 2005. Earlier in his career, Levy was the chairman of CDS IndexCo LLC. Markit has owned CDS IndexCo and International Index Co. Ltd. since 2007.

He previously worked as an analyst in the public finance division at Lehman Brothers.[3]


Levy holds a bachelor of science degree in general finance from State University of New York at Albany.


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