C.C. Odom II

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C.C. Odom II
Occupation Sole Proprietor
Employer Odom Investments
Location Chicago, IL USA

C.C. Odom is the founder and sole proprietor of Odom Investments. He is also a former member of the board of CME Group.[1][2][3]


Odom founded Odom Investments in 1968. He also founded Argent Venture Capital in 2001.[4]

Odom served as the director of CME Group from July 2007 until May 2014. [5]

Odom previously was a member of the board of the CBOT. In 1981, Odom was the chairman of the New Orleans Commodity Exchange.


Odom received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Master of Arts from Texas Christian University. [6]

Registration Information

C.C. Odom II - NFA ID 0065271


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