Carlos Saez

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Carlos Saez
Occupation Managing Director
Employer The Operand Group
Location Chicago, IL
LinkedIn Profile

Carlos Saez is trading and investment professional who is the managing director of The Operand Group.

Previously, he was the chief investment officer at Spot Trading LLC, a proprietary trading firm in Chicago that is active in multiple markets.


Carlos Saez has been with Spot Trading LLC since 2005. Before being promoted to Chief Investment Officer in 2009, Carlos was Director of Trading. Prior to working at Spot Trading LLC, he held positions with Toronto Dominion Bank and Stafford Trading. [1]


Saez graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. He, also, received his MBA in Analytic Finance from the University of Chicago-Booth School of Business. [2]


Carlos was chosen as the keynote speaker at Chicago Booth Trading Group's Options Trading and Volatility Seminar. During his time at the podium, Saez discussed several different topics, including the Flash Crash and price uncertainty.

MarketsWiki Education

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Saez participated in the MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity series in 2013.


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