Castor Pollux Securities LLC

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Castor Pollux Securities
Founded 2003
Headquarters Boston, MA
Products broker-dealer

Castor Pollux Securities is a broker-dealer based in greater Boston. It is named after the twin brothers of Greek mythology, Castor and Pollux. "Castor" means "he who excels." Castor Pollux was founded in 2003 to provide placement services to hedge fund managers. [1]

In April 2009, Castor Pollux entered into an agreement to acquire the market making unit of Bernard L. Madoff’s securities company as a stalking horse bidder pursuant to an auction.

Castor Pollux plans to reconstitute the business if it succeeds with the acquisition. The Madoff unit had been a top market making firm for US equities and was operated separately from Madoff’s fraudulent investment businesses.[2]


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