Chng Lay Chew

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Chng Lay Chew
Occupation Chief Financial Officer
Employer SGX
Location Singapore

Chng Lay Chew is a Singapore-based financial services and exchange executive who currently serves as the chief financial officer of SGX.[1]


Chew joined SGX in December of 2011 from DBS Group and he replaced Seck Wai Kwong, who had left the exchange in April.

At DBS Group, he was responsible for the finance functions of operations in all countries outside Singapore.[2]

Chew holds a designation as a Certified Public Accountant from both New Zealand Society of Accountants and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore.

He also serves as a director of Energy Market Company, the operator of Singapore’s wholesale electricity market and as director of the Singapore Accountancy Commission, which oversees the development of the country’s accountancy sector.[3][4]


Chew holds a bachelor of commerce and administration degree from New Zealand's Victoria University.


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