Cicada Corp

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Cicada Corp
Founded 1998
Key People Gregory E. Smith, President & CEO
Products Data management and trading technology

Cicada provides a range of data management and trading technologies to the financial markets. It provides solutions for algorithmic trading infrastructure, real-time market data and reference data management, and Know Your Customer business process management. Cicada is a privately-held corporation, with offices in New York, London, Oklahoma City and Hong Kong.


Cicada was founded in 1998 by a group of executives with extensive careers in the financial information industry. Its first major product was a data management platform for processing real-time market data, called Cicada Composer.

The company initially focused on the exchange and data vendor market. Later, as the financial markets began to suffer from the poor quality of reference data, Cicada added a host of major new functionalities and facilities to its data management platform, specifically for the effective and efficient management of reference data quality. This data management engine was launched as Cicada Composer® plus+.

As organizations began to have to comply with anti-money laundering, “know your customer” and a range of other regulatory initiatives and requirements, Cicada responded by launching its Cicada Profiler software to manage the specific customer data due diligence activities associated with regulatory requirements.[1]

Products and Services

  • Cicada Composer® plus+
  • Cicada Profiler

Key People


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