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Clive Furness
Occupation Managing Director
Employer Contango Markets Ltd.
Location South Godstone, UK
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Clive Furness is managing director of Contango Markets Ltd., a consultant for commodities, derivatives, clearing and related technology.[1] The firm's customers include investment banks, exchanges, clearing houses, fund managers, technology companies and other institutions with an interest in the global cash, derivatives and OTC commodity markets.[2]

He is also a member of the advisory committee of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc.[3]


Previously, Furness co-founded Comdaq Ltd, a leading internet physical commodity exchange, in 1999. At Comdaq he was responsible for writing the functional specifications for and launching four of 15 markets. He was also responsible for Comdaq’s marketing and press activity, and advised on the trading and development of Comdaq’s 15 product lines.[4]

Also, Furness was a senior executive at LIFFE/LCE between 1993 and 1999. He held the posts of director of business development (LCE), director - commodity products, market development and communications director and director – account management.[5]

For 14 years, he was a coffee trader, first as a floor trader with GNI and then running futures and physical books for the J. Aron coffee division of Goldman Sachs International. While at Goldman, he was elected to the board of the London Commodity Exchange. He was also was chairman of the LCE options and coffee markets and was chairman of the coffee-grading panel.[6]


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