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Clive Stainton
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Occupation head of the risk practice
Employer Rule Financial
Location London

Clive Stainton is head of the risk practice at Rule Financial with experience on business, financial and market risk modeling. He specializes in risk management, strategic management, management development, communication and project management.[1]

He has more than 25 years experience in project management and risk consulting in financial services, as well as in industry and government sectors.

In August 2011, Stainton submitted his first guest commentary to MarketsReformWiki entitled The Quest for Regulatory Harmonization.


In additiona to Stainton's role as head of the risk department at Rule Financial, a position he has held since June 2010, he is also a partner at management consulting firm Marionet Consulting. Past financial clients include Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, and Barclays.[2]

Stainton is also a frequent lecturer, and is currently a visiting fellow at both Henley Management College and Manchester Business School.


  • University of Oxford - MA; PhD, Maths, Computing
  • Henley Management College & Brunel University - PhD, Expert Systems
  • Pembroke College, Oxford University - MA, Mathematics
  • University of Southampton - Visiting Fellow of Accounting and Mgt Science


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