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ConvergEx LLC
Founded October 2006
Headquarters New York
Key People Eric Noll, President and CEO
Employees 600

ConvergEx Group LLC, formerly BNY ConvergEx Group, is a provider of global agency brokerage and investment technology. The registered broker-dealer specializes in derivatives execution management technology and brokerage services for listed options and equities.

ConvergEx has two dark pools, called Millennium and Vortex. The company's president, Eric Noll, said ConvergEx would relaunch Millennium by the end of October 2014 as a marketplace where orders can only be executed at the mid-point of the NBBO available on public stock exchanges, which will guarantee meaningful price improvement. The firm also said it would relaunch Vortex in 2015 as a venue that will give different pricing levels to different market participants based on whom they want to trade with. It will cost less to trade with the more aggressive firms and more to trade with other investors. The revamping of the two dark pools is due in part to expectations of tighter industry regulations, according to Noll. [1]

In September of 2015, ConvergEx Group said that as of Oct. 1 it would close its Vortex dark pool, which operates with standard bids and offers, in order to focus on its Millennium pool, where all orders are executed at the mid-point of the best bid and offer available.[2]


BNY ConvergEx Group was formed in October 2006 from the union of BNY Mellon Securities Group and Eze Castle Software.[3] In November 2011, the BNY moniker was dropped, and the company became known as ConvergEx Group LLC.

From 2007-2011, the company made several key acquisitions, including options technology group LiquidPoint (2007), Cogent Consulting (2009), NorthPoint Trading Partners (2009), LDB Consulting and RealTick, a multi-broker, cross-asset provider of execution management systems which the company purchased in December of 2010 from Barclays Bank.[4]

ConvergEx filed for a $400 million IPO in May 2011 and updated the filing in June 2011, but in June 2013 the company withdrew the filing, telling the SEC it had "determined not to proceed with the offering contemplated by the Registration Statement at this time." [5]

In January of 2013, ConvergEx Holdings signed an agreement to sell its RealTick and Eze Castle software platforms to an affiliate of private equity firm TPG Capital. [6]

In November 2015, ConvergEx announced it had entered into a clearing agreement with INTL FCStone Financial Inc. that will enable Convergex to offer its clients access to FCStone’s futures execution capabilities and prime brokerage platform, enabling ConvergEx to offer a prime brokerage services package geared toward smaller clients.[7]


On September 22, 2014 ConvergEx Group announced a new order routing strategy for U.S. equities that enabled institutional clients to earmark a percentage of an order to be sent to the IEX dark pool. The remainder of the order is sent to ConvergEx's Darkest algorithm for connectivity with more than 20 other dark pools. The firm said the move was a result of analysis of IEX execution that showed that buy-side client orders were protected from latency arbitrage and from adverse price impacts. ConvergeEx began routing customer orders to IEX in November 2013.[8] [9]

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