Craig Delany

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Craig Delany
Occupation Chief Investment Officer
Employer JPMorgan

Craig Delany is the chief investment officer for JPMorgan Chase & Co. He was named to the position in September of 2012.[1] He reports to co-chief operating officer Matthew Zames and sits on the bank's executive committee. Delany manages the firm’s mortgage-servicing rights as part of his role.[2]

The change in Delany's role followed a broader reorganization of the bank’s upper ranks, which was intended to strengthen JPMorgan’s focus on its clients.[3]

Delany's predecessor, Ina Drew, resigned in May of 2012 and had to return considerable compensation awards after JPMorgan management discovered an extensive bad derivatives bet in its $359.1 billion investment portfolio.


Before moving into the chief investment officer position, Delany was chief operating officer of mortgage banking at JPMorgan Chase & Co.[4]



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