Cryptos Fund

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Cryptos Fund
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Founded 2017
Headquarters Zug, Switzerland; Princeton, NJ; George Town, Cayman Islands
Key People Carlo Scevola, President; Igor Rivin, Chief Research Officer; Jeff Zorn, Chief Security Officer
Employees 12
Products Mutual fund
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Cryptos Fund is a hedge fund investing in Cryptocurrencies.


Cryptos Fund was founded in 2017 as a mutual fund in the Cayman Islands. It later established a branch in the USA. It is the first regulated fund that tracks a cryptocurrency index, namely the CCi30.

Products and Services

Class A: passively tracks the CCi30 Cryptocurrency index of the 30 main cryptocurrencies. The portfolio is rebalanced monthly and its composition is reviewed quarterly. It claims to have the lowest fees in the industry, charging an annual management fee of 0.99%, without any performance, subscription and redemption fees.

Key People