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David Harding
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Occupation Founder, Executive Chairman, CEO
Employer Winton Capital Management
Location London

David Harding is executive chairman and CEO of Winton Capital Management, Europe's fourth-largest hedge-fund company and a London-based asset management firm with over $25 billion under management.[1][2]


In 1987 Harding co-founded Adam, Harding & Lueck (AHL), a systematic commodity trading advisor,[3] with Martin Lueck and Michael Adam. The company was purchased by Man Group, a global provider of alternative investment products, in 1994. [4][5][6] Harding stayed at the company as head of Man Quantitative Research until 1996.[7] He left to found Winton Capital Management in 1997.[8]

Winton Capital Management was launched with $1.6 million worth of assets, and by February 2012 it held $28.5 billion in assets.[9] From 2013 to February 2014, Harding was the president of Winton Capital. On February 28, 2014, the company announced that Harding would take over the role of chief executive, replacing Tony Fenner-Leitão, the former CEO of Winton Capital.

After graduating from the University of Cambridge, Harding started his career as a trainee in Wood Mackenzie, and two years later he joined Johnson Matthey & Wallace, a futures brokerage firm, as a commodity futures trader. From 1985 to 1987, he worked as a commodity trading advisor for Sabre Fund Management.[10]

In November 2010, Harding donated £20 million to Cambridge University’s Cavendish Laboratory, to set up and fund the Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability.[11]

In January 2013 Harding stepped down as CEO of Winton, naming Tony Fenner-Leitão as his successor. He retained the chairman role, however. In February 2014, Fenner-Leitão resigned as CEO, and Harding returned as CEO.[12]


Harding graduated from Cambridge University in 1982 with a bachelor of science in natural science, specializing in theoretical physics.[13]


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