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David Prosperi
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David Prosperi is a retired public relations and corporate communications professional and former government official.

Most recently, he was senior vice president, public relations, corporate communications at OCC and OIC. He was promoted to that role in September 2017 from first vice president, public relations, corporate communications and OIC, a role he began in September 2016.[1] He retired from the role on November 13, 2020.[2]


Prosperi has 30 years of experience in media relations, public affairs and corporate communications, including 17 years in the listed derivatives markets. He served as vice president, global public relations at Aon plc, where he was responsible for the firm's corporate communications and public relations strategy. Previous positions include managing director, corporate marketing and communications at CME Group, and senior vice president and assistant to the president at the Chicago Board of Trade.[3]

Prosperi started his career working for Superior Oil as an intern in their Washington, DC office when he was a graduate student. He was introduced to the Reagan 1980 Presidential campaign spokesman and offered a position with the campaign. He traveled with candidate Ronald Reagan during the campaign and then was offered a position in the White House as an assistant press secretary position, working under James Brady and Larry Speakes.[4]

In 1982, he left the White House after 13 months and returned to the private sector and Superior Oil. However, after Superior Oil was bought by Mobil Oil, he was enticed back to government service and worked in the Department of Energy and the Department of the Interior.

Prosperi was also the press spokesman for Sen. Dan Quayle during the 1988 Presidential race, when Quayle was the Vice Presidential candidate with George H.W. Bush.

An executive recruiter brought Prosperi back to Chicago, where he had grown up, and helped him land a job at the Chicago Board of Trade.

The CBOT was looking for some public relations help to restore the exchange's reputation after the FBI investigations of the late 19080s. Prosperi worked with longtime CBOT CEO Thomas Donovan and other leaders at the CBOT during his tenure.

When Bernie Dan became the CBOT's CEO in 2003, Prosperi moved on and started consulting. One of his clients was the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which was about to buy the Chicago Board of Trade. Prosperi's work as a consultant during this time, lead CME Group CEO Craig Donohue to offer him a full-t time position at CME Group running their corporate communications.

Prosperi later left the CME Group in 2007 to go to work for Aon in Chicago, which was looking to improve their communications, internally and externally.

After eight years at Aon, which was moving its headquarters to London from Chicago, Prosperi accepted a position from Craig Donohue again to lead corporate and internal communications with the OCC. During Prosperi's tenure at OCC, they became industry thought leaders.

In 2020, Prosperi accepted a retirement package at the OCC offered to employees with a certain tenure and a certain age.


Prosperi received an MBA in International Business from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.


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