Debbie Carlson

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Debbie Carlson
Occupation Financial Journalist
Employer Freelance
Location Chicago
Twitter @DebbieCarlson1
LinkedIn Profile

Debbie Carlson is a veteran financial journalist who is based in Chicago. She is a regular contributor to Barron's and The Guardian. Formerly, she wrote fro Kitco[1]


For many years, she was the Americas commodities news editor for Dow Jones Newswires, based in Chicago where she worked closely with The Wall Street Journal and Barron's in planning commodities coverage.

Carlson started her career in newspapers as both a freelancer and a staff writer at a small daily before moving back to her home state of Illinois in 1994 to work at Futures World News.

In 2006, she led a team of global commodities reporters on a 11-part series for Dow Jones Newswires bringing into focus the issues concerning the supply of water around the world. That series won third place in the North American Agriculture Journalists writing contests for special projects.

She's also been interviewed on Fox Business News.[2]


She holds a bachelor of arts degree in journalism from Eastern Illinois University.[3]


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