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MDA EarthSat

(formerly Earth Satellite)

Founded 1969
Headquarters Rockville, MD USA
Products Provides weather advisories and weather products

For the past 30 years, EarthSat has been providing weather advisories and specialized weather products to a variety of commercial customers. Their forecasts have been based upon the best available worldwide weather data received in real time. From this data, the skilled meteorologists, environmental scientists and computer scientists at EarthSat produce hundreds of different products. Their clients include such varied industries as energy, food, retail, banking, and government.

As the primary weather index provider for the weather derivatives industry, CME Group weather products and many of the OTC weather products are based on EarthSat's weather index. A major value of EarthSat is they supply daily heating degree days and cooling degree days indices each morning and multiple updated forecasts that help drive daily volume. [1]

Products and Services

  • Cropcast Ag Services has been a pioneer in agribusiness, providing agricultural weather solutions around the globe for over 20 years. Cropcast agribusiness products integrate meteorological and high resolution satellite data with crop model simulations and ground inventories to provide continuously updated ag weather information to commodity traders, grain/oilseed, cocoa, coffee and sugar importers/exporters, food companies, and government agencies.
  • EarthSat Energy is energy-sensitive weather information. Today our clients include such varied industries as energy, food, retail, banking, and government.
  • Historical Weather Data, used for most of CME Group weather products, MDA sells a historical cleaned dataset online that they guarantee that the cleaned data will not contain missing values. [2]


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