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Edmund O'Connor
Occupation Derivatives Industry Veteran
Location Chicago

The late Edmund O'Connor was a Chicago futures trader who was the architect and one of the founders of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. O'Connor, who founded among other companies, O'Connor & Company, O'Connor & Associates and First Options of Chicago, died in January of 2011.[1][2]



O'Connor was vice chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade when at a dinner with then CBOT Chairman William Mallers, Sr., he outlined plans to create the first U.S. equity options exchange on a napkin. He later served as the first chairman of the board of the Options Clearing Corporation. He also served for many years on the board of the Chicago Board of Trade.[3]

Along with his brother, Billy O'Connor, he founded O’Connor & Company in 1959, First Options of Chicago in 1972, and O’Connor and Associates in 1977. [4]

O'Connor also served on the board of directors of the Burling Bank in Chicago.


O'Connor graduated with a law degree in 1950. [5]


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