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Edward Haravon
Location Chicago
LinkedIn Profile

Edward Haravon is a Chicago-based trading and exchange and proprietary trading executive, who is currently a consultant.

Previously, he served as COO of Apex Crypto, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Peak 6 Investments.

He also served as the chief operating officer of Spot Trading LLC, a proprietary trading firm in Chicago. [1] Haravon has over 15 years of proprietary trading experience. As COO at Spot Trading, he is responsible for technology, human resources, education and talent development, facilities, business development, compliance, and PMO.[2]

He is a member of the Securities Traders Association of Chicago.


Before assuming the COO role at Spot Trading, Haravon was chief administration officer at the firm.

Haravon started as an equity options trader at Spot Trading LLC in June of 2002. Before joining Spot Trading, Haravon was an equity options trader for Stafford Trading from 1998 to 2002.


Haravon received a bachelor of arts degree in mathematics from Miami University in Oxford, OH.


Haravon spoke at the 2015 MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity Summer Intern Education Series in Chicago.

Ask 'Why?'

"As you've all realized in your short time through your internships, for the most part this industry — and when I'm talking about this industry I'm talking about proprietary trading firms, exchanges, some the other service providers that support the business, so the industry at large — we really function more as applied science or applied technology companies, right?"


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