Ester Levanon

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Ester Levanon
Location Tel Aviv

Ester Levanon is the former CEO of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. She resigned in 2013 after seven years as head of the exchange. She was replaced by Yossi Beinart.

She was appointed CEO in June 2006, replacing Saul Bronfeld, who was appointed TASE chairman.[1] After her appointment TASE was promoted to 'developed market' status by global index providers FTSE and MSCI and converted to a fully-automated trading, clearing and settling market.[2]

Levanon was previously managing director.


She first joined TASE in 1986 as chief information officer after a 12-year stint with the Israeli Security Service (known as Shin Bet), where she established and managed its computer division. She holds an MSc in Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.



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