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Eurex US
Founded 2004
Headquarters Chicago
Products U.S. Treasury futures & options, foreign currency futures

Eurex US was a derivatives exchange that was started by Eurex in February of 2004. Its trades were cleared by The Clearing Corporation, the former clearinghouse of the Chicago Board of Trade.[1]

Eurex US was created to compete against the CBOT after the CBOT exited its technology agreement with Eurex called the a/c/e alliance. As part of the U.S. venture, Eurex bought an equity stake in the Clearing Corporation, which had previously cleared trades for the CBOT.[2]


As Eurex US, the exchange bought the BrokerTec Futures Exchange for $1 and secured volume guarantees from some of the leading banks and firms that had invested in the BrokerTec Futures Exchange.[3][4]

Eurex US eventually became known as the US Futures Exchange (USFE), which ceased operations in 2008.

Products and Services

Eurex US launched U.S. Treasury futures and options in early 2004 with look alike contracts of those of the Chicago Board of Trade. Later, Eurex US launched foreign currency futures against competing contracts listed on the International Monetary Market of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Key People

Satish Nandapurkar was the first CEO of Eurex US. He had left the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where he was head of products and services, to become the inaugural CEO.[5]


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