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Founded 1995
Headquarters London

FOW TRADEdata is a specialist financial market data aggregator and distributor focused on reference data for exchange-traded derivatives contracts, supplying global banks and financial institutions.[1] FOW TRADEdata is a subsidiary of Euromoney Institutional Investor plc.


Business Agreements

An alliance between FOW TRADEdata and Reuters DataScope combines around a million Reuters instrument codes (RICs) with FOW TRADEdata's futures and options data to enable enhanced trade processing across front-office, middle-office and back-office operations.[2]

A strategic collaboration betweeen the London Stock Exchange and FOW TRADEdata allows Sedol codes, in addition to other identification codes used within the industry, to be distributed through FOW TRADEdata’s symbology mapping service TRADEstep. The aim is to enable efficient trade processing, settlement and compliance of futures and options.

Key People


On July 15, 2008, FOW TRADEdata announced the availability through its Xymbology service of Alternative Instrument Identification (AII) symbology for prescribed European futures and options markets under MiFiD’s mandatory transaction reporting requirements. The more extensive requirement under MiFiD to passport transaction records across and to view concentrated trading within EU jurisdictions demands not only uniform instrument symbology, but also its consistent application along the reporting chain. The adoption by the industry of the AII as an enriched data field for key markets facilitates this process within an automated environment capable of handling current and predicted substantial increases in trade volumes.


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