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Japanese Financial Services Agency
Founded 2000
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key People Shozaburo Jimi, Minister of State for Financial Services and Postal Reform
Website wwwfsa.go.jp

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) is responsible for ensuring the stability of Japan's financial system and protecting depositors, insurance policyholders and securities investors.[1]


  • 2019. Two weeks before the beginning of "Golden Week," a string of National holidays that caused the longest market shutdown in Japan's history, the FSA issued a statement warning market participants that between April 27 and May 6, 2019, the reduced number or absence of Japanese traders might cause significant volatility in various markets.
  • 2001. As a result of the reorganization of central government ministries, the FSA became an external organ of the Cabinet Office, and with the concurrent abolishment of the FRC, FSA assumed responsibility for the disposition of failed financial institutions.
  • 2000. The Financial Services Agency (FSA) was established under the jurisdiction of the FRC through the reorganization of the Financial Supervisory Agency. With this change, the FSA became responsible for planning the financial system for which the Ministry of Finance had been responsible.
  • 1998. The Financial Supervisory Agency was established as an administrative organ (external organ of the Prime Minister's Office) responsible for inspection and supervision of private sector financial institutions and the surveillance of securities transactions. With the establishment of the Financial Reconstruction Commission (FRC) in December of the same year, the Financial Supervisory Agency became an organization under the jurisdiction of the FRC.

Products and Services

  • Planning and policymaking concerning the financial system
  • Inspection and supervision of private sector financial institutions, including banks, securities companies and insurance companies, as well as market participants, including securities exchanges
  • Establishment of rules for trading in securities markets
  • Establishment of business accounting standards and others concerning corporate finance
  • Supervision of certified public accountants and auditing firms
  • Participation in activities of international organizations and bilateral and multilateral fora on financial issues to develop internationally consistent financial administration
  • Surveillance of compliance of rules in securities markets

Key People


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