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Financial & Energy Exchange
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Founded 2006
Headquarters Sydney, Australia
Key People Brian Price, Executive Chairman
Products Energy, Commodities, Environmental Derivatives and Swaps

The Financial and Energy Exchange Group (FEX Group) is an Australian market structure design and operations company established in 2006. Its business aim is to build and operate regulated and globally competitive licensed marketplaces for derivative products, with a focus on commodity, energy and environmental asset classes.

FEX markets are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) as well as through the Reserve Bank of Australia's oversight of financial system stability. FEX Global’s markets will be cleared by CME Clearing (subject to complete regulatory approval).[1] On 18 July 2018, the CFTC certified rule amendments for CME to clear for the FEX Exchange.

FEX uses NasdaqOMX technology for its futures market trading engine and a proprietary trading technology for its Mercari swaps execution facility.

Mercari OTC Swap Execution Facility

The FEX Group owns a 100% interest in the licensed OTC swap execution facility known as Mercari Direct.

Mercari was established in 2005 and since January 2011 has been licensed to offer OTC markets in commodity, energy, interest rate, foreign currency and environmental product. Mercari uses the Mercari eSEF technology to operate the market place and is supervised by ASIC. Further information can be found at

FEX Global

FEX Global was granted an Australian Market License by the Australian Government under s795B of the Corporations Act, enabling it to operate regulated markets in energy, commodity and environmental derivative products.

The FEX group partnered with CME Clearing to provide clearing services for the FEX derivatives market (subject to regulatory approval).

Key People


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