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Frank McManamon
Occupation Co-CFO
Employer HTG Capital Partners
Location Chicago, Illinois

Frank McManamon is a Co-CFO at HTG Capital Partners in Chicago, Illinois.[1]


Frank brings more than twenty-five years of experience in the financial markets to HTG Capital Partners, LLC (‘HTG’). Over the years, he has worked as an independent consultant or employee for a variety of primary broker/dealers, futures commission merchants, commodity trading advisors and commodity pool operators.

McManamon first became associated with Goldenberg, Hehmeyer & Co. (‘GHCO’), one of HTG’s predecessor firms in 1998. Originally hired as a consultant to spearhead a software conversion project involving the transition to a new software package for clearing operations, Frank was later hired to run the operations and accounting department for the fixed income arbitrage division. Then in 2002, Frank left GHCO to become an independent electronic fixed income derivatives trader.

In 2005, McManamon returned to GHCO as a special projects manager and was tasked with a variety of projects involving clearing and settlements of both fixed income securities as well as exchange traded products. He also was involved in the design of a database to capture all of the elements involving trader compensation.

In 2007, GHCO spun off its proprietary trading business as GH Traders, LLC (‘GHT’). Frank was asked to become its Chief Financial Officer. As the CFO, he had a wide set of responsibilities involving the general management for a registered broker/dealer with three trading groups located in New York and Chicago. He also directed the daily operations of the firm as well as the accounting, financial and treasury functions. He was also responsible for maintaining the banking, counter-party and regulatory relationships for the firm.[2]


Frank received a Bachelor of Science (Commerce) degree from DePaul University.[3]


He has held a variety of regulatory certifications, including the Series 3 (Commodity), Series 7 (General Securities Representative) and Series 27 (Financial and Operations Principal). He is a Certified Public Accountant.[4]


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