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Gareth Parker
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Occupation Senior Director, Index Research, Design and Development
Employer FTSE Russell
Location London
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Gareth Parker is senior director, index research, design and development at FTSE Russell.

He joined Russell Investments in that role in April 2011 to lead the index team for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.[1]


Parker was previously director of index research and design at Standard & Poor's, starting in June 2008. He also spent many years at FTSE Group, as head of index design, head of business development for equities, and finally as head of alternative investments.[2]


In 1992, Parker received a Master of Arts degree in philosophy, politics and economics from the University of Oxford.

MarketsWiki Education Video, October 2015

Gareth Parker, FTSE Russell – The Boring Bit of the Investment Management World, And Why It’s Not

“Smart Beta is essentially the indexing of interesting ideas. These index guys are turning expensive good techniques into cheap good techniques.”

Picture if you will a time and place where there is no such thing as an index – no Dow Jones Industrial Average, Russell 2000, no FTSE 100. How would you measure relative performance? The answer is, you wouldn’t, and it was not so long ago that we didn’t.

Gareth Parker takes us through a brief history of indexing, what he calls the “boring bit” of the investment world. As the talk progresses, we see that, not only is the evolving world of indexing not boring, it can be lucrative, for both job seekers and investors.


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