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Gene D. Donney
Gene D. Donney.jpg
Occupation Principal
Employer Nutbridge family office
Location Boca Raton, Florida

Gene D. Donney is a financial industry executive and entrepreneur. His career has led him into the areas of brokerage, research, software, and trading. He has been a member of all the major U.S. futures exchanges and London's LIFFE, and has served on several exchange committees, the National Futures Association and the Futures Industry Association. He began work on Nutbridge in 2016.

He was previously senior vice president of Maymont Partners.


After stepping back from music as a career direction in 1976, Donney answered a blind for telephone canvassers. Six months later he established Donney Securities Ltd. as an FCM with the CFTC (pre-NFA) and is believed to have been the youngest-ever owner of a FCM. He sold the company to employees in 1978 at the age of 25.

His work in research and consulting began in 1978, culminating as a columnist for Financial World magazine. In 1981, he joined Merrill Lynch Commodities as an institutional broker, then moved to Dean Witter, where he was responsible for bringing European banks into the financial futures markets. Donney was an IB and a CTA in 1984, eventually moving to London as an acquisition consultant for Elders Finance Group, a division of Elders IXL, then the second-largest public company in Australia. In 1986, Elders bought the U.S. and Swiss operations of Rudolf Wolff, and Donney was appointed chief executive of the renamed Elders Futures. Elders was sold in June, 1990.

In 1990, Donney founded Pegasus Econometric Group, providing research and trading advice to major banks and energy companies worldwide. After Pegasus was sold to Thomson in 1993, Donney founded AudiTrack, a real-time trade simulation company with links to major exchanges, which eventually merged with AudiTrade to form US Virtual. AudiTrade was responsible for creating and licensing the first Internet-based trading platform in the futures industry. Donney sold US Virtual to SunGard Data Systems in 2000.

In 2008, Donney formed Dostan LLC with Jules Staniewicz, a commodity trading advisory company, pioneering the use of non-predictive, non-deterministic quant models.[1]


Donney is a graduate of Fordham University at Lincoln Center with music credits from Juilliard.

Registration Information

  • Gene D. Donney – NFA ID: 0070651
  • Dostan LLC – NFA ID: 0397114

Published Work

  • Profit Loss, The Beta Paradox, December 2008, Gene Donney
  • Profit Loss, Trend Follower, Where art Thou?, December 2007, Gene Donney


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