Gerald Santing

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Gerald Santing
Location Holland
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Gerald Santing is the former managing director of markets at the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). He joined the firm in June 2010 and oversees the DFSA's regulation of NASDAQ Dubai, the Dubai Mercantile Exchange and other futures exchanges in the area. He left to return to Holland in 2013.


Santing was previously the Managing Director of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets and was directly involved with MiFID's Market Abuse initiative in the Netherlands. He is also a former acting Commissioner of the Markets and chaired a task force focused on international regulations related to the NYSE Euronext merger in 2006. [1]

Santing worked at Deloitte from 2000-2004 as the Managing Partner of Financial Advisory Services, the Chief Executive Officer of the Mutual Insurance Company from 1990-1995 and held various management roles at ABN Amro.


Santing graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a degree in Economics.


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