Hamed Ali

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Hamed Ali
Hamed Ali.png
Occupation CEO
Employer NASDAQ Dubai
Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Website www.nasdaqdubai.com

Hamed Ali is the CEO of NASDAQ Dubai. He was named to the position on Aug. 30, 2012.[1] Ali replaced Jeff Singer who left to head the Dubai Financial Centre Authority.

Ali had a key role in the development of the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015. Released in 2007, the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015 is a declaration of where the emirate is headed, in addition to steps that need to be taken to get there.[2]


Ali served as executive officer for NASDAQ Dubai from 2006-2008 before leaving to serve as COO of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and later as executive director at Dubai’s Knowledge & Human Development Authority.


Ali holds an executive MBA from London Business School, a B.Sc. in Applied Computing from Leeds Metropolitan University, and a master certificate in Project Management."[3]


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