Hamish Purdey

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Hamish Purdey
Hamish Purdey.jpg
Occupation CEO
Employer Intelliflo
Location London
Website www.intelliflo.com

Hamish Purdey is financial technology executive. He is the chief executive of technology provider Intelliflo.[1] He was named to the position in November of 2014 and replaced company founder Nick Eatock, who became the firm's executive chairman.

Purdey came to his current position from Ffastfill, where he was the chief executive officer. Ffastfill was acquired by ION Group, but was a publicly owned company that designed and delivered application services for the electronic trading community prior to its acquisition.[2] He was appointed Ffastfill CEO on April 2, 2009. [3]

Previously, he was the company's chief operating officer.[4]

Five Minute Interview


Purdey joined FFastFill in 2000 and has held many roles including head of global service delivery and president. He has represented FFastFill in London, Asia and Chicago.[5]

He has managed IT projects in the financial sector as well as in pharmaceuticals and other industries.


Purdey holds a bachelor's degree in law and arts and a master's of law specializing in E-Commerce. He also holds post-graduate finance qualifications.


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