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ICE Futures U.S. offers a complex of Russell index futures (and options on futures) which have been exclusively available on ICE since September 19, 2008.

The complex includes the Russell 1000 Index futures and options, Russell 2000 Index futures and options, Russell 1000 mini options, Russell 2000 mini futures and options. It will also include contracts based on the Russell 3000 Index and the related Russell value and growth indexes.


After the contract between Russell Indexes and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange expired at the end of 2007, ICE signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Russell Investment Group to offer futures and options on futures on its indexes. The CME was required to cease listing futures based on the Russell 2000 Index. Those futures would instead be added to the suite of equity-based products offered by the New York Board of Trade, which ICE acquired in 2006.[1]


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