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Ira Polk
Location New York

Ira Polk is a veteran futures industry executive. He retired as chief financial officer of Man Financial in 2006. He later served as chief administrative officer of MF Global, the derivatives brokerage formerly known as Man Financial. He was appointed as interim chief financial officer following the resignation of Amy Butte on January 4, 2008.


Ira Polk served as president of Man Group USA Inc. prior to Man Group spinning off Man Financial in an initial public offering.

Polk served as chief administrative officer of MF Global Ltd. (formerly, Man Financial Ltd.) until March 27, 2009 and its Interim Chief Financial Officer from January 2008 to

Polk served as Chief Financial Officer of MF Global from 1999 to 2006.

He served on the board of directors of the Clearing Corporation, as well as on the executive committee of the Futures Industry Association.[1]

Polk joined Man Financial in 1985, and served as vice-chairman and chief financial officer prior to its spin-off from Man Group in an initial public offering in July 2007.

A certified public accountant, Polk served on a number of industry bodies, and was treasurer and secretary of the Futures Industry Association.

He was a board member of the US Futures Exchange, chairing its finance committee, The Clearing Corporation and the New York Clearing Corporation[2].

Prior to Man, Polk was with several specialty futures brokers – including Rudolf Wolf Johnson Matthey & Wallace - as CFO, and worked in public accounting with Ernst & Young for 10 years before leaving to join a client.

Polk received total compensation of $4.81m from MF Global in fiscal 2007, including a salary of $322,438, a $2.4m bonus and share and option awards.


Polk graduated with an MA from Rutgers University.


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