J.R. Willett

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J.R. Willett
Occupation Chief Architect
Employer Omni
Location Seattle, Washington
LinkedIn Profile

J.R. Willet is the inventor of the initial coin offering, or ICO, as well as the Omni (Mastercoin) protocol layer on top of Bitcoin.


Throughout 2012 and 2013 Willet published a landmark whitepaper to extend the bitcoin protocol with a new protocol layer, which he calls Mastercoin. In 2013, Willet launched the protocol layer by selling the tokens of the new protocol layer to new investors, raising half a million dollars in bitcoins, which within a few months appreciated to over $4 million. This is believed to be the first ICO.

Before founding the Omni Foundation, he was a lead software developer at Cozi Inc. working on iPhone and Android apps. Willett spent five years a Cozi Inc. Prior to Cozi, Willett spent 11 years at Dynon Avionics as a senior software engineer.[1]


Willett graduated from the Seattle Pacific University with a B.S. in computer science. [2]


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