Jaclyn Bouchard

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Occupation Senior Manager, Global ESG Disclosure & Engagement
Employer S&P Global

Jaclyn Bouchard is the senior manager of S&P Global's environmental, social & governance strategy (ESG). She oversees the management of the company's global ESG risks and opportunities. Her areas of focus include tracking key ESG metrics, engaging senior leadership on corporate ESG performance and disclosing the company's material ESG indicators to investors and other key stakeholders.

She leads S&P's internal ESG-related groups including the Environmental Action Committee and the Corporate Responsibility Council. She is also charged with maintaining external relationships with strategic partners such as the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and World Business Council for Sustainable Development.


Bouchard started at S&P Global in 2013, after working in sales at Recyclebank, a New York city-based start-up focused on clearn technology and sustainability.

She is a recipient of the Columbia University Earth Institute Sustainability Management Fellowship award for her academic performance, professional experience, and commitment to sustainability issues.


She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Towson University, a master’s degree in Energy Management from New York Institute of Technology and a master’s degree in Sustainability Management from Columbia University.[1]


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