Jamal Oulhadj

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Jamal Oulhadj
RJO Photo of Jamal Oulhadj.jpg
Occupation Chief Operating Officer
Employer R.J. O'Brien
Location Chicago
LinkedIn Profile
Website www.rjobrien.com

Jamal Oulhadj is chief operating officer at R.J. O'Brien's holding company, RJO Holdings Corp. He was appointed to that position in March 2015.[1] He was previously a senior managing director and global head of risk and IT for the company. He joined the firm as risk officer in January 2006.

Previously, as chief risk office for RJO, he was responsible for overseeing the firm's credit, margins, risk and compliance functions.[2]


Before joining R.J. O'Brien, Oulhadj worked at the Refco Group in a similar position. He also worked at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a senior market analyst in the exchange's research department. In 2011, Oulhadj was named a member of the advisory group of the Arditti Center for Risk Management at DePaul University.


Oulhadj graduated from the University of Illinois Champaign with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering. He also received a Master of Science in financial engineering from DePaul University.[3]


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