James D. Aramanda

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James D. Aramanda
Occupation CEO
Employer The Clearing House, LLC

James D. Aramanda has been chief executive officer of The Clearing House, LLC since Sept. 8, 2008. He succeeded Jeffrey P. Neubert, who retired from The Clearing House.[1] Aramanda served as group president and executive vice president of Automatic Data Processing Inc. (ADP) from November 2005 to August 2006.


In addition to serving as group president and executive vice president of ADP, where he was responsible for brokerage, claims and dealer services businesses in 50 countries,[2] Saltzman also was vice chairman of Mellon Financial Corporation (now Bank of New York Mellon) and CEO of processing businesses that operated around the globe. During his 18-year tenure at Mellon, he successfully led and enhanced the company's benefits processing, pension administration, shareholder administration, pension and HR consulting, cash management and brokerage services.[3]



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