Jim Esposito

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Jim Esposito
Jim esposito goldman sachs screencap.jpg
Occupation Global Co-Head, Securities Division
Employer Goldman Sachs
Location London
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Jim Esposito is global co-head of Goldman Sachs' securities division. He was named to that position in August 2018. [1]


Esposito is a part of a banking family. His father was CFO of Chase Manhattan in the 1980s, his brother Michael works for Goldman, and his brother John helps run financial institutions banking at Morgan Stanley. [2]

Esposito joined Goldman in 1995 as a salesperson for emerging market debt. He became a managing director in 2002 and a partner in 2006.[3]

Esposito spent much of his time at Goldman focused on debt sales - for a time selling Goldman's own bonds - only joining the securities division in 2016 as chief strategy office and co-head of global FICC sales.[4]

He moved to London in 2011 when he was named Goldman's financing head for EMEA.[5]


Esposito graduated from Brown with a degree in political science and received his MBA from Dartmouth.[6][7]


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