John Foyle

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John Foyle
Occupation non-executive director
Employer G.H. Financials
Location London, UK

John Foyle is a retired exchange executive.

He currently serves as a non-executive director of G.H. Financials[1]

Previously, he was deputy CEO of Euronext.Liffe, with functional responsibility for policy and strategy.[2]

In 2015, Foyle was named to the FIA Futures Hall of Fame.[3]


At the former Liffe exchange, he initially served as market secretary[4] and his responsibilities have covered contract design, rules and regulations, financial surveillance, market and trading surveillance, trading operations and the legal and taxation fields.[5]

Foyle was a member of the special committee of the London Metals Exchange.[6] He also had served as a member of the board of directors of the Swiss Futures & Options Association, now the International Commodities & Derivatives Association.[7]


Foyle earned a degree in economics at St John's College, Cambridge, and subsequently qualified as a Chartered Accountant.[8]


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