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John Omahen
John Omahen.jpg
Occupation Senior Vice President - Post Trade Derivatives
Employer FIS
Location Chicago, IL

John Omahen is head of product strategy at FIS.

He was previously vice president of post trade derivatives solutions at SunGard, which was bought by FIS in 2015.[1][2]


Omahen started at SunGard in 1998 as a manager responsible for GMI Quality Assurance. He has held various positions, including senior business analyst and director of product management.


Omahen graduated from the University of Chicago in 1992 with a B.A. in Sociology.[3]

John Lothian News Interviews

John Lothian News spoke with John Omahen at FIA IDX in London in 2018.

Customer Segregation: Keep It Separate
There has been much talk about protecting customer funds but keeping them in segregated accounts outside of the brokerage house. John Omahen, vice president of post trade derivatives solutions at SunGard, talks about the value in moving customer funds to a clearing house. Such segregation could help not only protect customer funds, but also could create lower financing costs. Published Jan. 29, 2013.[4]


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