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Jonas Hansbo
Occupation Head of Global Engineering
Employer Orc Group
Location Stockholm, Sweden
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Jonas Hansbo is the head of global engineering for Itiviti.

Fomerly, he was executive vice president and chief strategy officer at Itiviti, a Stockholm-based software firm established in 2016 to combine two subsidiaries, Orc Group and CameronTec.[1]. Prior to the creation of the combined entity, Hansbo served as chief strategy officer of Orc Group.[2][3]


Hansbo ititially joined Orc in 1994 as a quantitative analyst and rose to CTO and executive vice president. He had also served as head of algorithmic trading, leading the Orc Liquidator engineering team.

He left Orc in 2006 to become a co-founder and the CEO of Tbricks, a provider of automated trading systems, but returned to Orc in 2015 when it acquired Tbricks. [4] [5]

Hansbo was twice a finalist of the Swedish National Mathematics Olympiad. He represented Sweden in the International Mathematical Olympiad in Budapest in 1982. He speaks fluent Russian and is an ardent lover of Russian literature and history.


Hansbo holds a Fil. Lic. in Mathematics and a bachelor of arts in Russian from the University of Uppsala (Sweden).

John Lothian News Interview, February 2015

Building Bricks: TBricks Could Be New Cornerstone For Orc

Jonas Hansbo and his team left Orc in 2006 to focus on his own brand of trading and financial technology with a startup called TBricks. But Hansbo and his colleagues were brought back to the mothership in January when when Orc purchased TBricks. Now, Hansbo said the two firms will bring their respective strengths together.

"Orc has been evolving since we left it, and very much focused on reinventing their electronic trading platform for connectivity and electronic execution," Hansbo said. "So what we thought would be a very interesting fit for the two companies was to make a combination of our offer in trading together with Orc's global reach."


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