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Lee Hodgkinson
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Occupation CEO
Employer OSTC
Location London
Website euronext.com

Lee Hodgkinson is CEO of OSTC, a London-based proprietary trading firm.[1]

He stepped down after nine years as head of markets and global sales at Euronext and CEO of Euronext London in April 2018. He was appointed to lead the markets and sales division, which was newly created to combine the commercial activities of Euronext's markets businesses into one unit, in January 2014. [2][3] Though named as CEO of the London affiliate in January 2014, his appointment did not become official until June 2014, when Euronext UK Markets Limited was declared a Recognised Investment Exchange (RIE) by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).[4]

On November 17, 2016, Hodgkinson was elected as vice president of the Brussels-based Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE) for a term of three years. The election was unanimously approved by the FESE General Assembly. Hodgkinson had been a member of FESE's board since June 2014. [5]

On January 25, 2018 Euronext announced that Hodgkinson would leave the company in April 2018 to serve as the CEO of OSTC, a London-based proprietary trading firm.[6]


Hodgkinson joined what was then NYSE Euronext in 2009 as CEO of Euronext's SmartPool, a multilateral trading facility specializing in institutional order flow.

Before joining Euronext, he served as CEO of SWX Europe (former virt-x), beginning in December 2006, and headed the client and product group of the SIX Swiss Exchange and SWX Europe.[7]

He was a member of the SIX Swiss Exchange management committee for three years, holding responsibility for the market operations division, where he led the development of the SIX Swiss Exchange's high-capacity transaction platform. He joined virt-x in 2001 as head of operations before becoming director of business development.

He began his career in the markets division of the London Stock Exchange, where he worked for nine years.

MarketsWiki Education Video, October 2015

Lee Hodgkinson, Euronext – Lessons from the 4-Minute Mile

“Everything is possible; nothing is easy.”

Roger Bannister, Clarence “Captain” Birdseye and Fedex founder Fred Smith all have one thing in common – they each proved that something previously declared “impossible” was not impossible, just really difficult. Whether it is the 4-minute mile, flash-frozen vegetables or getting a package delivered “absolutely, positively, anywhere overnight,” it can be done, says Euronext UK CEO Lee Hodgkinson in this MarketsWiki Education talk. He says that achieving the impossible requires focus, persistence and determination.

Nothing is impossible, says Hodgkinson, except running slowly while moving your arms really fast, and trying to eat three donuts in one minute without licking your lips. Not even Roger Bannister could achieve that feat.


In autumn 2006, he spent seven weeks at Harvard Business School participating in the general management program.


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