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Madelyn Antoncic
Occupation Executive Director, Global Head Official Sector Partnerships
Employer Principal Global Investors
Location New York
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Madelyn Antoncic is a market and risk management executive who has worked for a number of Wall Street Banks, including Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs.

Currently, she is an executive director and global head of official sector partnerships for Principal Global Investors.[1][2][3]

She was famously fired from Lehman Brothers after warning CEO Dick Fuld that the company was "too risky." She worked in the office of the chief risk officer at the time.[4]

Antoncic is a former vice president and Treasurer of the World Bank.[5]

Formerly, Antoncic was a managing director, a member of Lehman Brothers Management Committee and was the firm’s global head of financial market policy relations. She was a member of several Lehman Brothers committees including the firm’s Management; Investments; New Products; Operating Exposures; and Strategic Acquisitions Committees. Antoncic was a member of the Board of Directors of Lehman Brothers OTC Derivatives, Inc.

Antoncic received the “2005 Risk Manager of the Year” award from Risk; the “Stern Women in Business, 2006 Distinguished Alumna” award from New York University Stern School of Business; and the “2006 National Partnership for Women and Children Award" for leadership. She was named among the 2006 “100 Most Influential People in Finance” by Treasury and Risk Management; was a recipient of the “2007 Girl Scouts Annual Tribute Dinner Award;” has been named a Charter Member in “Risk Who’s Who”, 2008.[6]


Antoncic has had a career as a chief risk officer, an international bank treasurer, a securitized products trader and a Federal Reserve economist. She began her career at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as an economist. She spent the next 12 years at Goldman Sachs where she ran market risk management, was special assistant to that firm’s co-vice chairmen and spent eight years trading mortgage-backed structured products. That was followed by a two-year stint at Barclays Capital where she built a market risk function for the Americas and was the Americas treasurer as well as treasurer for Barclays Bank PLC, the NY branch. She was a member of the board of directors of Barclays Capital, Inc. and of the Executive Committee of the board.

Antoncic joined Lehman in 1999.


Antoncic holds a Ph.D. in economics and finance from The Stern School of New York University. She was an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Doctoral Fellow and has taught economics and international finance as a member of the adjunct faculty at both the graduate and undergraduate schools of The Stern School of New York University.

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