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Michel Barnier


Michel Barnier is a French politician and former foreign minister. On Wednesday European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker appointed Barnier to lead the EU’s Brexit negotiations with the UK, effective Oct. 1, 2016. In that role, he will oversee a commission task force and be advised by the officials most relevant to the Brexit talks. He will prepare for formal talks under Article 50 of the EU treaty and conduct negotiations with the UK once the …  View page

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ASX Gets Technical: ASX deputy CEO Peter Hiom Talks About New Trading Platform And Pioneering Into Blockchain

Jim Kharouf » 7.27.16

ASX deputy CEO Peter Hiom has a long technology checklist these days. The stock and derivatives exchange is transitioning to a new trading platform from Cinnober. It is also looking to be among the first exchanges to implement blockchain technology as part of its equity clearing facility, perhaps in the next few months. John Lothian News spoke with Hiom last month at the FIA IDX conference in London about the next steps for the exchange. … Read more

Lisa Dunsky, OCC – Hit By A Brick: How Setbacks Shape Your Career

Jim Kharouf » 7.26.16

Fine tuning: How CME Clearing Europe Brings New Efficiencies to the Market

Jim Kharouf » 7.20.16

FIA’s Walt Lukken on Reg AT and the 2016 Agenda

Spencer Doar » 7.19.16

Knowledge Is Power: A MarketsWiki Education Journey

Doug Ashburn » 7.8.16

“Cannot be done”: ISE’s Gary Katz Tells The Inside Story Of The Biggest Disruptor To The Options Industry

Jim Kharouf » 7.7.16

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