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Kevin Kennedy


In addition to serving as the head of U.S. options for Nasdaq, Kevin Kennedy has also taken on the role of head of the Nasdaq Futures Exchange (NFX), a post left open by the departure of Rick Beaman.   View page

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Cyber Security: If You Are Not Compliant, You Are Not Secure

Jeff Bergstrom » 11.12.18

If there is one phrase dreaded by all types of businesses in the US, it has to be “government regulation.”  So it was surprising to hear nearly all the speakers at the 2018 Global Cyber Security Initiative meeting last Friday agree that what their industry really needs is more regulation.  That almost unbelievable claim does come with a number of caveats, however.   The afternoon session began with Dr. Sujeet Shenoi, F.P. Walter Professor of Computer Science at the University of Tulsa, who scared the crowd with stories of just how vulnerable our cyber-infrastructure is.  This point has been made...Read more

Crypto Origin Stories: How’d You Hear About It?

Spencer Doar » 11.12.18

A Comprehensive Crypto Outlook: Pain, Progress and Metaphors

Spencer Doar » 11.9.18

Bringing Nasdaq’s Derivatives Franchises Together

Spencer Doar » 11.8.18

Global Cyber Security Initiative Addresses $1.5 Trillion Issue

Spencer Doar » 11.7.18

What’s Up With the Next Gen of Traders?

Spencer Doar » 11.2.18

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