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Tom Healy


Tom Healy, who led the Irish Stock Exchange as chief executive for 20 years and then later retired as CEO of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) in 2010, has died. He was credited with transforming the Irish exchange from a local to a global trading destination. View page

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John Lothian News Features

The future of futures markets: Exchanges looking to fail fast

Jim Kharouf » 4.23.17

Andreas Preuss, deputy CEO, Deutsche Boerse had a show stopper. At the IOMA: World Federation Exchanges conference in Frankfurt on Friday, he said his exchange will have to speed up its business processes exponentially in the next two to three years in order to thrive. Implementing products and services from beginning to release will go from today’s 18 months to 4 days. Yes, you read that correctly. And no, no one in the audience was laughing. “The old way was seven months of iterations of prototypes,” Preuss said. “In the world I am aiming at, the business IT and operations...Read more

Jim Oliff is Good to Go

John Lothian » 4.19.17

GreenKey CEO Focused on Using the Cloud for Next-Gen Voice Broking Data

Spencer Doar » 4.10.17

Paxos using blockchain to fix problems in capital intensive businesses

Sarah Rudolph » 4.7.17

Next Frontier: NEX Group’s Michael Spencer Says The New Firm In Position To Capitalize On Trading And Technology

Spencer Doar » 4.5.17

JLN Exchange Leader Series 2017: LME’s Chamberlain on Ambitious Deployment Schedule

Spencer Doar » 4.4.17

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