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Timothy Massad


Today, Timothy Massad stepped down as Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in a move that coincides with the end of the Obama administration. Commissioner J. Christopher Giancarlo was named Acting Chairman. Massad was chair since June 5, 2014. View page

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John Lothian News Features

Hungry for more: Dash Financial Sees Opportunity In A New Broker Landscape

Jim Kharouf » 1.18.17

For some firms today, being young has its advantages. Dash Financial might just be one of those young and agile companies that can take advantage of the currents that are pushing and pulling the industry. Later this quarter Dash is expected to complete its acquisition of LiquidPoint, Convergex’s options brokerage and technology business, thus giving the combined firm 13 percent of the equity options and index options market volume. That’s more than double the current marketshare Dash Financial has quickly built since it launched in 2011. Peter Maragos, CEO of Dash (soon to be renamed Dash Financial Technologies), said the...Read more

The tasty nation adds an entree, tastyworks: Tom Sosnoff and the tastytrade crew are “going to murder passive investing”

Spencer Doar » 1.9.17

The End Of The Line

Jim Kharouf » 1.6.17

The Most Popular Stories of 2016 on

John Lothian » 12.30.16

Head East: TT’s Robbie McDonnell Sees Opportunity In Asia As Never Before

Jim Kharouf » 12.22.16

Tim Edwards, S&P Dow Jones Indices – The Relative Importance of Skill, Conviction and Blind Luck in Beating the Market

Spencer Doar » 12.21.16

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