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Robert J. O’Brien, Sr.


Robert J. O'Brien, Sr., who became president of R.J. O'Brien in 1959 and helped grown the firm into one of the largest FCMs in the industry, turned 100 today (Monday).  View page

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John Lothian News Features

Potential CME-NEX Deal Is Full of History, Dilemma, Risk and Reward

John Lothian » 3.19.18

For many years, the Chicago Board of Trade had cash treasuries envy, wanting to add the trading of cash treasury bonds and notes to its offerings. For many years, the CME has had cash currency trading envy. Both exchanges, now part of the CME Group, have tried to compete in cash Treasury and FX through various collaborations and initiatives. None of them succeeded. Chicago Board Brokerage and FXMarketSpace are long gone, but the desire to add treasuries and cash FX trading has never disappeared. Now, if CME Group’s confirmed interest in NEX Group becomes a deal, it can add both...Read more

New Site Planned by John Lothian

John Lothian » 3.13.18

JLN Interviews Renato Mariotti, Democratic Candidate for Attorney General

John Lothian » 3.9.18

Renato Mariotti for Illinois Attorney General: A Former Prosecutor and Current JLN Reader

John Lothian » 3.9.18

Bitcoin and Blockchain: A WILD Opportunity

Sarah Rudolph » 3.7.18

Would You Wait Six Months To Get A Bitcoin Account? TT’s Michael Unetich Outlines The Crypto Obstacles And Opportunities Ahead

Jim Kharouf » 3.5.18

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