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Maureen C. Downs


Maureen C. Downs, the former president of Rosenthal Collins Group and current vice-chair of the National Futures Association, was appointed special advisor to PhillipCapital Inc., a self-clearing FCM and broker-dealer located in Chicago. View page

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Wedbush’s Bob Fitzsimmons Says We’re Just Beginning To Build A Market For Bitcoin

Jim Kharouf » 2.20.18

Bitcoin, The Long View: Wedbush’s Bob Fitzsimmons Says We’re Just Beginning To Build A Market For Bitcoin In December 2016, it was announced Bob Fitzsimmons would take the reins at Wedbush Securities as managing director and head of Wedbush Futures. Almost a year to the day later, he pushed Wedbush to be one of the first FCMs to offer a brand new product, bitcoin futures from Cboe Futures Exchange and CME Group. JLN’s Jim Kharouf sat down with him at the recent Fintank CryptoCon event to talk about just how well the separate contracts are doing, who is trading them...Read more

ICO Rules and Regs: Initial Coin Offerings Under Regulatory Spotlight

Jim Kharouf » 2.16.18

What’s the Deal With the VIX Manipulation Letter? Inaccuracy and Misunderstanding

Spencer Doar » 2.13.18

Highlights from the International Blockchain Conference

Chuck Mackie » 2.13.18

The VIX Can’t Cause Vol – Cboe’s View on Volatility ETPs

Spencer Doar » 2.8.18

Slippery Slope: Let’s Let Markets Decide On New Contracts

Jim Kharouf » 2.1.18

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