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Richard Berliand
Richard Berliand was named chairman of TP ICAP starting in May of 2019, taking over from Rupert Robson after the group’s annual shareholder meeting that year. Berliand’s appointment is the latest in an overhaul of most senior roles at TP in the last six months in the midst of efforts to integrate its purchase of the […]

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John Lothian News Features

The Spread – A “Complete Guide” – 12/7/18

Spencer Doar » 12.7.18

JLN discovered a copy of "The Complete Guide to Options Selling," authored by the guys behind the now defunct "hedge fund" OptionSellers. It's interesting to read in hindsight.

Market Outlook with Cboe’s Ed Tilly: Regs, Crypto and Liquidity

Spencer Doar » 12.6.18

In this video, Cboe Chairman and CEO Ed Tilly addresses the SEC’s commentary on market data offerings, what’s next for crypto products, and the need to alter regulations that are hindering index options liquidity.

Bitcoin’s role in the Mueller investigation

Matt Raebel » 12.5.18

What do the investigation by FBI special counsel Robert Mueller and bitcoin have in common? Potentially, they’re both connected to a Russian hacker named Alexander Vinnik.

Murphy & McGonigle Launches New Commodities & Futures Division To Help Firms Deal With Regulatory Challenges

Sarah Rudolph » 12.5.18

These days, traders need good lawyers.  They are a must-have in the age of regulatory overreach after the Dodd-Frank law, and for comprehending and complying with the rules as they get refined and re-tuned and as crypto markets come into the mix.

The Curious Case of Our Regulatory Environment (Part II), or Why the Earth Isn’t Flat.

Carl Gilmore » 12.4.18

Two years ago I wrote about the Commodity Futures Trading Commission enforcement action against Don Wilson and his company DRW Investments alleging price manipulation in certain financial instruments.

Wilson goes all in against the CFTC and the industry wins

Jim Kharouf » 12.4.18

There are traders who put their careers on the line every day in the markets. And then there's Don Wilson, who put his career and firm on the line in court with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and won.

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