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Howard Lutnick


Howard Lutnick, CEO and chairman of Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC Partners,  is offering $20,000 per month to market makers who will supply liquidity for his new trading platform for US Treasuries.  The platform is scheduled to launch later this year. View page

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Using A.I. to Address the Compliance Challenge

Spencer Doar » 6.27.17

“Historically for a lot of these artificial intelligence tools, they were very bespoke builds — and a lot of them still are. What we’re really working on is taking the concepts and building more generic tool sets that you can provide to lots of different people.”  As regulatory scrutiny spreads to more asset classes, so too do the challenges for compliance teams. Tony Sio, head of exchange and regulator surveillance with Nasdaq, believes artificial intelligence is the way forward. Artificial intelligence has been around in varying forms for years, but it was not accessible to firms due to the associated...Read more

Regulatory Preparedness: Are We There Yet?

Spencer Doar » 6.26.17

Making the Johannesburg Stock Exchange a Global Player

Spencer Doar » 6.22.17

You’re Invited to FOW-John Lothian News Trading Chicago on June 28th!

Spencer Doar » 6.22.17

Montréal Exchange’s CEO Focused on Structural Adjustments

Spencer Doar » 6.21.17

Osaka Exchange’s CEO Discusses Its Global Footprint

Spencer Doar » 6.20.17

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