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Citadel Investment Group


The Chicago-based hedge fund manager Citadel's annualized return of 19.1% since its inception has outstripped the performance of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, The Financial Times reports.  An investor who had staked $10,000 in Citadel’s first fund when Ken Griffin launched the company in 1990 would now be worth more than $1.3 million. View page

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Tech firms looking to change the technology stack

Jim Kharouf » 8.13.18

The question for the industry today is whether firms have hit the technology breaking point. In other words, can firms continue to maintain and sustain the technology they’ve built over the past 20-plus years? A new breed of tech firms is emerging to help address this challenge. There are increasing signs that the so-called “technology stack” at various firms is not economically sustainable, nor is it necessarily more efficient. For years, various technology vendors have been expanding their product mixes to handle front, middle and back office responsibilities for firms. The industry is seeing a mix of established tech vendors...Read more

How to Survive the Financial Media Markets for 30+ Years – Bruce Morris, Tabb Group

Spencer Doar » 8.13.18

Banks and Fintechs: Friends or Foes? – Sadia Halim, BNP Paribas

Spencer Doar » 8.10.18

How is Bitcoin Like a Motorboat? – Jeff Bandman, Bandman Advisors

Spencer Doar » 8.9.18

Are We Reliving History? – Dave Weisberger, ViableMkts

Spencer Doar » 8.8.18

Zen and the Art of Potty Training – John McCrank, Reuters

Spencer Doar » 8.7.18

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